Agneta Kappers

KAPRIOL - judging - Whippet (Female), Chart Polski, Galgo Espanol


I was born and raised in Stockholm and I was born with a huge interest in dogs, I was the only one in the family with this interest. Therefore it was the dream of a dog which always was at the top of my wish list. The dream came true when a family moved into the neighborhood and brought a whippet puppy with them in their luggage. The year was 1958 and I got to borrow Susie as much as I wanted and with her I started in the exhibition world and had many successes together with her.

In 1962 Susie got a litter of puppies and I got a bitch after her and since then whippets have been my companions through the years. Breeding attracted and with the kennel prefix Kapriol I have had 17 litters in the years 1978-2013. Since my interest for showing dogs has been great as well as the interest in the different varieties and functions of breeds, it became natural for me to apply for the judge education and in 1993 I received my authorization which as the years went by came to include all the breeds in the sighthound group. Ancient dogs and primitive breeds are my main interest and these are also the breeds I incorporated into my authorization.

I have had many interesting and rewarding judging assignments around the world that have really enriched my dog ​​life and given me lifelong memories. Whippets have always been my breed but in 2016 a little podengo portuguese liso came into my life, SE o DK Ch Tappinski's Easy To Love. "Yippee". She has opened my eyes and not least my heart to this lovely, sporty and smart little breed and now we live a wonderful life together in Kalmar.

I look forward with excitement and joy to judge your beautiful dogs.

Agneta Kappers