Bitte Ahrens Primavera

SOBERS - judging - Borzoi, Whippet (Male), Greyhound, Deerhound


Swedish but now living in Rome, Italy since 2001.

“Grown up” in the SOBERS kennel and starting breeding Italian Greyhounds and Greyhounds with my grandmother, the late Mrs Astrid Jonsson , who was the founder of the SOBERS kennel in Sweden in the beginning of 1957 . I was given the opportunity to spend my teen years summer holidays with Mrs Dagmar Pordham at the Solstrand kennel (Greyhounds & Irish Wolfhounds) in England, and cannot enough thank her for the possibility to meet some of the most important breeders and visit their famous kennels of many different breeds, but mainly Sighthounds. This was a great inspiration.

In 2000 I moved the kennel to Rome, Italy, and today our breeding also includes Whippets (since 2003) and the Italian Pointing dogs, Bracchi Italiani (since 2005). First together with my grandmother, and today, together with my husband Pierluigi Primavera, SOBERS are responsible for around 500 homebred Champions (over 900 Champion titles) and over the years many exports all around the world. This although not breeding more often than a total of 1-3 litters per year.

We have bred or shown SBIS & All breed BIS winners in all the four Breeds.

To mention a few highlights : BIS at the WORLD DOG SHOW 2006, BOB Winners at CRUFTS and WESTMINSTER , TOP BREEDER & TOP DOG awards in several countries, TOP DOG with our Bracco Italiano (all Breeds) in Italy 2008 and BIS at The EUKANUBA WORLD CHALLENGE in the USA 2009. We so far bred or owned no less than 25 World Winners and 28 European Winners. I have been working as a Veterinarian Technician for more than 20 years in Sweden and in Italy.

I became Int FCI judge in Sweden in 1992 and I am approved to judge all Group 10 and all Podengos Portugese, Ibizan Hounds, Canarian Warren Hound, Pharao Hounds and Cirneco dell’Etna in Group 5.

I have been judging at International level, all around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe (Italian Greyhounds at the WDS in Milano 2015), Ireland (Whippet and Irish Wolfhound Club specialties), GB (among which was a big honor judging Whippet bitches at CRUFTS 2015 and the Greyhounds at WINDSOR), USA (among the highlights was the Greyhound National 2018), Australia (The Whippet National 2013), Israel, Russia as well as several important Breed Club Specialties/National Specialties for most of the Sighthounds.

I do love working with my dogs also in the field but with an active family life, time is limited, so thanks to our great puppy buyers, our dogs have also been doing great in field work as well as lure coursing. We are happy to also present several Dual Champions.

Not much time for other things in life, but when some free moments, I do enjoy to practice my other passion; drawing and painting. I have illustrated several dog magazines, designed many logos for Clubs and kennels over the years and done many educational judge compendiums, especially about The Italian Greyhound (my Comment to the Standard is the official ENCI and FCI). I was one of the founders and the President of the Swedish Italian Greyhound Club for several years. Also very much involved in both the Swedish Sighthound Club and in the Greyhound Club. Today I am an honorable member of the Technical Commitees of the Italian Club for Piccolo Levriero Italiano (Circolo del Piccolo Levriero Italiano) and of the Italian Sighthound Club (Club del Levriero).

Looking forward to meet you and your dogs in the rings!

Bitte Ahrens