Gabriela Veiga

Pizon’s - judging - Italian Greyhound, Pharaoh Hound, Cinerco dell´Etna, Podengo Portugues & Podenco Ibicenco & Podenco Canario


I was born into a “ dog - related family” and lived with dogs all my life; it mostly came from my mother’s side ( with Greyhounds and horses) and it got “ingrained “ into me, I suppose...

In the 1980, my husband and I started our joined breeding and show experience with Basset Hounds, but some years later, I had a comeback to Sighthounds, to Whippets this time, with which I totally fell in love with.

I started my very own Pizon’s prefix, got myself my first Whippets and started a new passion - breedding Whippets, which I did in a very small scale for 20 years - only bred 6 litters.

In the meantime I also shared my life with 2 Italian Greyhounds , 1 Greyhound, and 3 Chihuahuas, and later on a Standard Poodle (a present for my daughter and that she couldn’t keep alone in her apartment)!

Meanwhile my husband bred Portuguese Podengos and after living with them for more than 20 years , I capitulated and decided it was more than time to also focus on my favorite variety -the small smooth. I started my own breeding under my Pizons prefix since 2005 onwards.

I became a judge in 1999, judging Groups 10,9,5, and some breeds in Group 2, and I’ve been lucky and honored to have judged in many lovely and prestigious events throughout the world.

I was a member of the Show Committee of the Portuguese Kennel Club for several years and nowadays I belong to the Techinal Committee of the Portuguese Podengo Club. In this capacity I have been lecturing and foing seminars and Judges’ Education on the breed in several countries.

Gabriela Veiga