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These dogs have short, smooth fur that comes in many colors, the coat is somewhat heavier than a Greyhound's and they do have an undercoat that gets thicker in the winter. They have a longer brush on the tail and have culottes at the rear of the thighs. The average Chart Polski weighs about 65-95 pounds, and ranges from 27-32 inches tall.

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Chart Polskis have some similarities to other sighthounds, in that they are not overly active dogs, unless they have a purpose to be active. Such as when they are running and chasing prey. In other ways they are very unlike the typical sighthound. They can be dog aggressive, due to their being bred to hunt wolves and can be very territorial. They have a strong pack instinct and will not always accept new dogs into their home. They can be very good guard dogs in the home and they create strong bonds with their owners; in some, this instinct is so strong, they will not accept strangers coming into the home. They enjoy a good exercise regimen, walking them daily is a very good way to do this. They love to run, of course, and if they can no longer be used for actual hunting, (many locations prohibit this) then a decent facsimile would be participating in the performance sports like coursing and racing. Between running activities, they like nothing better than lounging on the couch or bed. They are obedient and easy to train, although they can be stubborn and willfull. This is not the best breed for the novice dog owner. They need early socialization and firm, fair guidance from their owners

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At this point they are not known to have many serious genetic disorders. Cancers have been reported, also some heart conditions such as Cardiomyopathy. They tend to live to 10-12 years old. A few have lived to be 15.

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The Chart Polski originated in Poland, most likely from the Asian sighthound, a Saluki type dog. They were not bred from the English Greyhound.

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